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Promotional Branded Clothing in Indiana

When you’re coming up with ideas for your marketing strategy, you need to think carefully about how you communicate your brand’s identity to its audience. Each company needs to deploy tactics that are right of them, and there’s usually some trial and error involved. 

One form of marketing is so inside the box that it’s become outside-of-the-box: branded clothing. Branded merchandise — or swag — is simple yet effective across all generations of consumers. A piece of kit with your logo on it keeps your brand fresh in your buyers’ minds. Additionally, it attracts everyone who knows them and shares similar tastes, expanding your reach and building loyalty with current clients. 

Merchandise Can Help You Gain Brand Awareness

Branded clothing is a tangible item that truly propels your brand into the world. Everywhere you look, each day, you’ll see people wearing various branded hats, jackets, mugs and shirts. Whether the logo is a band, company or YouTube star — merch spreads your brand’s message like wildfire.

According to Yale, tying branding and promotion together with an effective merchandising strategy is the most effective form of marketing.  

Branded Clothes Are an Extension of Your Brand

Make sure you create meaningful products that make sense. For example, if you’re a writer — give out branded pens to top clients. If you’re a life coach, sell t-shirts with motivational quotes that are relevant to your ethos. People love to show off what they believe in and express their identity through clothing. If you can become part of their identity, you’ve made the ultimate emotional connection.   

Build Client Loyalty With Branded Merch

A study by the Advertising Specialty Institute showed that people keep branded merchandise for an average of eight months. That means, as an advert, it’s sitting in front of your clients for much longer than a pop-up ad or newsletter. Not only that, but it’s a great way to let your customers form a positive association with you and your company. Branded mugs, hats, jackets and shirts are all useful items that can add value to someone’s life while reminding them of your brand!   

Plus, many people give promotional products away when they’re finished with them, giving you another potentially loyal customers.     

Branded Clothing Ties In With Other Marketing Strategies 

Giving away or selling branded clothing is the perfect way to tie a bow around other marketing strategies such as trade shows, activations and events. When you hand something out, you create a buzz and start a conversation around your brand. By selling merch, you’re demonstrating confidence and showing clients the value of your brand by offering them items they’ll want to take home and show off.

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